How to Dual Boot an HTC Windows Phone in Android

Android has received wide acclaim for its easy functionality and its huge number of free, easy to use Android Applications.

Due to this Android has become the number one choice for operating system in smart phones and tablets. More and more people are shifting towards Android. However, some of you will have an older HTC mobile with a windows Operating System on it. But there is no need to panic; you can still use Android on your phone without having to change the device.

This article will explain how to dual boot an HTC windows phone in Android. There is no need for any drastic measures, you can use both Windows/ Android at the same time and none of your data will be lost during the process.

Thing Required:

– A 2 GB micro SD card that is not SDHC (your card should not have a HC label at the bottom right corner of the SD card).


  • 1

    Preparing the SD card

    Plug in the card in your laptop or connect it via a card reader. The Micro SD card needs to be formatted in FAT32 file system. Right click on the card and click format. Choose FAT 32 and format the memory card.

  • 2

    Choosing the version of Android

    Now choose the version of the Android that will work with your windows mobile. Download the Android file system from the internet.

  • 3

    Unzipping the setup

    Unzip the Android system on the Micro SD card. A folder called anboot will appear in the memory card.

  • 4

    Safely eject the memory card

    Make sure that you safely remove the Micro SD card from your personal computer. Removing directly can sometimes cause loss of data or make the card file system corrupt.

  • 5

    Insert the SD card into the phone

    Insert the Micro SD card in the phone. It is recommended to turn off the cell phone during the insertion of the memory card; however, some latest versions allow removal of memory card without turning off the device.

  • 6

    Search and run Haret

    On your phone, locate Haret.exe and tap it once to execute it.

  • 7

    Long press the d-button

    Hold the d-button on your phone till a pop menu appears. Press Ok and say yes to both pop ups. Go back to the menu, press quit and Android will now load on your HTC windows mobile.

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