Ways to Eat Yucca Fruit

Yucca is a fruit which grows in deserts around the world. Other names for this particular fruit include Soapweed and Spanish Bayonet. Its non-woody parts are edible and are considered to be extremely nutritious. You can easily buy the yucca fruit from any fruit market or super store. Furthermore, if you live near a dessert where yucca grows, you can always pluck it out yourself.

Yucca fruit can be eaten directly after plucking it from the plant like many other fruits. However, you can also cook it or use it in salads as it is edible in many forms.

Scroll down and see how you can eat this delicious fruit in different forms. Pick your favourite way of taking this fruit and enjoy!


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    First of all, you have to look for the yucca plants in a desert. The plants which are blooming, budding and fruiting are the ones from where you can pluck the yucca. Don’t pluck it from any other plant as it will not be edible.

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    You can also eat the petals, flowers or buds of the plant in the field. It is considered as one of the most non-destructive ways of eating the yucca fruit as it doesn’t affect the growth of the plant. However, it is extremely important for you to wear gloves in order to protect your hands from spikes.

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    You can also add the fruit into different salads. You must know that the yucca adds mild taste to the salad like snow peas. Moreover, you can also cook the yucca fruit in a soup or stew if you like them hard.

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    If you are looking forward to plant yucca yourself, it will take around 1 to 3 weeks to grow properly. After that, you can cut it by pulling it from the top. Don’t cut the fruits which are too high and need a ladder to reach as it is not a good idea to take risk on desert sand.

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    You should know that the longer you wait for the plant to grow, the less bitter its fruit will be. Additionally, make sure that the fruit is properly cut into small pieces before cooking, otherwise you will not be able to get their best taste.

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