Making a Great Appetizer Menu

When the party season hits, appetizers top the list in the most favourite food. Whether it’s a wedding, a baby shower, Christmas party, cocktail party or just a friends gathering; they are a fun food to serve your guests. Appetizers are eaten before the main course. They are the perfect starting of any party. They range from simple finger foods to rich and decadent varieties. People munch them while chatting and kill time before the main meal. A great appetizer menu speaks volume about your planning skills.

If you don’t know how exactly you should make your appetizer menu, scroll down and follow our step by step guidelines. They will help you through each and every difficult turn which you might encounter while you are trying to build a delicious and attractive appetizer menu.


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    The first rule is to offer different varieties in terms of colours, flavours and textures. The diversity will give everyone a chance to get hands on something favourite. The same sort of appetizers could get monotonous and boring, not everyone likes the same sort of taste so go for interesting and different things. Some of the categories are: cheese, cold and hot bites, antipastio, lettuce cups etc. variety also shows your skills as a host.

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    Internet has made our life a lot easier. So search the web to find your inspiration for food. There are many blogs and websites which give a lot of recipes and ideas regarding appetizers. You could easily book mark the recipes and give them a try. It is less time consuming and there are detailed instructions. Try different cuisines and flavours that compliment. There are also many magazines that give different recipes and ideas for serving appetizers on parties, apply them to get praises from your guests.

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    If you decide the theme for your party before hand, the rest of the work becomes easier. The decor, music and food, all could be organized and planned accordingly. For example you could keep a Mexican theme and keep a variety of Mexican appetizers. If it is Halloween there are customized appetizers for this special event. If you are having cocktail party, you require more classy and well presented appetizers, where as if you have invited friends to watch super bowl or  any sports match then go for informal and easy to put together starters. Also Presentation can either create or destroy an image. Even if your appetizer is simple, present it in a way that it looks appealing. Buy some small dishes like serving vessels or colourful bowls to serve. Crockery and cutlery make a great impact so decide them accordingly with the type of appetizer.

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