Indian Vegetarian Recipes for Kids

Kids don’t take their diet seriously and that can be the cause of several health issues. It is therefore mandatory for parents to look after the eating habits of their children, and ensure that they are getting all the essential nutrients in their diet. Special care should also be taken to exclude junk food from their intake, which effectively means reducing the consumption meat related food products.

There are numerous vegetarian recipes for kids, which can be prepared easily in very little time. The best ones however come from India, where it is against the religious beliefs of Hindus to consume meat. That has resulted in the evolution of numerous vegetable recipes which are so delicious that they overcome the craving for meat. Some of these recipes have specially been designed according the needs of children.


  • 1

    Vegetable salad

    If you don’t have time to cook the vegetables, you can serve them in form of a salad.. Some delicious vegetables, which can be eaten without being cooked, are cucumber, carrots and tomatoes. In order to prepare this recipe, slice all the ingredients into small pieces and sprinkle some pepper or salt on them.

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    Tomato soup

    Soups can be prepared easily, but the least time consuming recipe are mostly preferred. One should look to make a tomato soup, which does not involve any complexities and will be loved by children.

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    Yogurt rice

    Yogurt rice is a popular South Indian recipe and can be prepared quite easily. Children will definitely love it and it has got various nutritional benefits too.

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    Spinach recipes

    Spinach can be used in a number of dishes and it can alone be served as the main meal.  It contains a lot of minerals, which are useful for children. In order to gain maximum advantage of this vegetable, one must consume it with other food, abundant in Vitamin C. Some useful spinach recipes are spinach paratha, spinach with minced meat and spinach with cheese.

  • 5

    Vegetable rice

    People in India use rice in numerous recipes, as it has got a unique taste. One can simply boil it to consume with any other dish. Other than that, rice can be prepared with vegetables of your own choice. Simply fry all the ingredients and then mix them with boiled rice.

  • 6

    Grains and pulses

    Other than eating rice with vegetables, one can prepare grains and pulses with it too. This combination is simply loved by people of all age groups and there is no doubt that children will demand it more often than any other food.

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