Low Calorie Foods You Haven’t Tried Before

With the increase of awareness, people are diverting to low calorie foods. They are now focusing on their health and consume healthy and low calories diet. However, there is a common perception that only steamed vegetables and lean meat have low calories. There are many food items which you think have high calories but actually they have lower calories and are great for your health. In summers you might get off track for consuming low calorie diets after watching ice creams, donuts and fast food everywhere. However, you are not required to star but you can consume low calories delicious foods.


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    Most people, especially those who like Chinese foods, love shrimps. You can eat shrimps as they not only taste good but also are low in calories. They are full of proteins and Vitamin B12. In order to further liven up its taste, you can consume it with avocado and fresh tomato salad.

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    Canned Tuna

    In case you do not like cooking or not in mood of eating hot, canned tuna is the best option. It is a healthy diet which is made in few minutes. You can eat it with low-calorie crackers and veggies.

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    Grilled Vegetables

    Vegetables are not only low in calories but also high in nutrients. They are rich in minerals and vitamins. Grill the vegetables and consume it in order to reduce your weight.

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    Grilled Chicken

    Grilled chicken is delicious and is ready in just 15 to 20 minutes. You can eat it with cherries, tomatoes and cucumbers. The whole meal is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.

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    Grilled salmon is a good low calorie meal. It is finger-licking good and you can eat it with fresh lettuce.

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    Greek yogurt

    If you do not have time for cooking food, you can eat Greek yogurt. It is rich in proteins and you can serve yourself with low calories crackers.

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    Watermelon is a great source of proteins and vitamins especially vitamin A and vitamin C. It also keeps a person hydrated.

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    Whole wheat pasta

    Whole wheat pasta has low calories and is great in taste. Main fattening thing in pasta is cheese and meatballs you put in.

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    Cauliflower may taste awful when you cook. However, eat it fresh in a salad and you will love it. Cauliflowers have low calories and are rich in vitamins.

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