How to Roast Corn on the Grill

With summer comes an abundance of fresh produce, most prominently juicy, bright-yellow ears of fresh corn. While there are many ways of enjoying this summer treat, like making corn salsa or cornbread, the corn cobs are just as good on their own, and there can hardly be a better way of enjoying them than by roasting them, as they are, on a grill.

Things Required:

– Fresh corn
– Aluminium foil
– Oven mitts
– Butter
– Salt and pepper


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    Begin by preparing the fresh corn cobs. Remove the tough, dark green leaves on the outer surface of the ears of corn, but leave on the softer, more tender leaves (light green in colour), as these will allow the corn to steam up and exude their natural sweetness and juice.

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    Next, peel the tops of the leaves back gently (do not remove them completely), and use your fingers to remove the silk from the cob of corn. If any strands of silk cling to the cob too tight, you can always roll the ear of corn gently between your palms to loosen it up. Leaving the silk on will result in unpleasant black charred bits sticking to your corn.

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    Once all the silk has been removed, close up the soft leaves once again, and wrap up each ear of corn individually in heavy-duty aluminium foil. To do this, place an 8-inch square of foil on a flat surface, position the corn directly in the middle of this, and wrap it up, pinching the ends together to seal it in completely.

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    Now fire up the grill and toss on the foil-wrapped cobs of corn. These will need to spend roughly 10 minutes on the grill, and it is essential to keep turning them throughout the grilling process, to make sure they are evenly roasted from all sides.

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    Once the corn is ready, move it off the direct heat – however, keep it on the side of the grill so it stays warm, and do not unwrap the aluminium foil yet. Meanwhile, if you are grilling the corn as a side, you can use this time to cook the meat, and if you intend to use it in a salsa or salad, prep the other ingredients while the corn rests.

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    Finally, after around 5 to 8 minutes of resting, unwrap the corn, and cut off the leaves. Brush each ear with melted butter and salt and pepper to taste, and serve.

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