How to Enjoy Encanto Park in Phoenix

Encanto Park is located right in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. There are plenty of fun filled activities that you can enjoy. Since it is a massive park there is always plenty of things to do, especially for children. Most people enjoy the beautiful fauna and wide variety of wildlife that swim in the waterways that cut through the park. There are plenty of activities like fishing, boating, picnicking, golf and many others. If you want to enjoy Encanto Park in Phoenix then there are a few guidelines you can use to make sure you have a nice time.


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    Since the temperature can get quite high in Phoenix during the summer months try to go to Encanto Park on a day that is not scorching hot.

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    Kid’s amusement park:

    There is a kid’s amusement park located at Encanto Park which is a great place for children to spend the day having fun on all the different rides. If you have kids then make sure that you check out the amusement park designed specifically for them.

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    Bike rides:

    Bring your bike and take a nice ride through Encanto Park. You will enjoy the quiet time and excellent bike trails available. Your kids will also enjoy riding their bikes without having to worry about cars or other obstructions.

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    You can also go on paddle boats when visiting Encanto Park in Phoenix. The paddle boats provide a nice gentle way of enjoying one of the many ponds and waterways that run through the park.

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    You can bring along your fishing gear and try your luck in the waterways to try and catch something. You can spend countless enjoyable hours fishing in Encanto Park.

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    Bring you food and drinks and have a decent picnic with your friends and family at Encanto Park in Phoenix. Since the park is very large you can find a nice shady area that is quiet and away from any crowds to enjoy your picnic. The kids will love to have a nice picnic during the summer at Encanto Park.

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    You can also go golfing at one of the courses on offer. The fees are very reasonable and you will have a nice time as the courses are constantly maintained throughout the year.

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    Sports complex:

    There is also a decent sports complex where you can play racquetball, handball, tennis and other sports. Finding something to do is not a problem at the sports complex as there is something for everyone that enjoys sports. You will have an enjoyable time working out to your favourite sports at Encanto Park in Phoenix.

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