How to Extend the Life of an Exterior Paint Job

Having a clean exterior of your house is something that makes it look good. It gives a pleasant feeling to those who see it as they go by.

However, it is not easy to maintain the paint quality in the wake of weather conditions and this look lasts for only a small amount of time. Even if you spend a fair amount of money, weather does take its toll.

There are some precautions that if taken can be useful and can delay the inevitable loss of gloss on the paint outside your house.


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    Choose the Right Paint

    You will be looking to get a paint that will be particularly made for harsh weather conditions so that it can withstand tough times. But you must make sure that you get the paint according to the surface type as well. The paints nowadays have options for different kinds of surfaces. As more and more research is being done, better paints are being manufactured. Get one that is good for protecting against the weather as well as good for that particular surface that you will be painting on.

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    Prepare the Surface

    Make sure that the surface to be painted does not contain moisture at that point in time. Once you are certain, you will need to sand the surface well to make sure that it has an even feel. It will allow you to remove any debris from the surface. In case that you need to put a coat of primer, do not hesitate as it will prepare the surface well for the paint.

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    Paint on the Right Day

    You do not want to paint on a day that is too humid. It will get into the surface where the paint is to be applied and will not help matters in anyway. Similarly, if it is too hot or too cold, it is very likely that the paint will lose some of its properties and may not be as good in the long run.

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    Follow the Instructions

    Manufacturer instructions are there for a reason. Make sure that you follow them properly and do not try too many innovations of your own.  Make sure that you follow the ratio that has been recommended by the manufacturer and put the coats as per the guidelines as well.

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