How to Find the Volume of a Cube

A three dimensional solid with all three dimensions of the same length is called a cube. Knowing the volume and surface area of a cube can be helpful in the real world. For example, those who want to know how much siding will be required for the outside of their house, you should be able to determine the surface area of your house that is likely to be cube shaped. Volume of a cube should be calculated if we want to know how many balloons are required to fill a room for a surprise party. Surface area of the cube is measured in squared meters while the volume is measured in cubic units. Follow the methods below to calculate the volume and surface area of a cube.


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    Firstly, you will need to measure one of the three dimensions of the cube. This dimension can be called as “x”. The reason why we need to determine only one dimension is that all three dimensions are the same for a cube.

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    In math, volume of a cube can be calculated by using the equation V = x3. In this equation V stands for the volume of the cube and x stands for the dimension measurement. Typically, volume in math is determined by multiplying length by width and height. As for a cube, all three dimensions are the same, we can take the cubic root of just one dimension, the equation for a cube can be simplified into V = x3.

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    Now to calculate the value for volume, consider putting in the dimension measurement for any of the three dimensions for x and solve for V. For a 5 meters high cube, the volume will V = x3 = (5)3 = 125 meters.

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    Use meters for measurement if you are working with British scaling system. For American scaling system, consider using cubic feet as a unit of measurement. It is extremely important to attach the appropriate units after your answers. In math, a number without the appropriate units is a value which does not stand for anything.

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