How to Fix 1611 iPhone Error

Is your iPhone displaying Error 1611 while performing any function? Yes? Then do not get alarmed because after going through this guide you will definitely find a way to resolve this fault.

The only reason this error arises is because of the restoration and updating process when the security software gets in the way. If you resolve the security software issues only then will this problem be solved. But if you resolve the security software issue and the same error still occurs then you might need to change your hardware. After changing your computer if this 1611 error is still happening then your device requires service.

Follow the guide stated below and enjoy a trouble-free iPhone experience.


  • 1

    Before we jump towards the resolution of the Security software verify that the issue is caused by Security software’s interference, for which follow the arranged steps:

    Check if your computer’s time, date and time zone is correct or not.

  • 2

    Secondly make sure you are logged in as administrative user

  • 3

    The iTunes version installed on your device should be latest.

  • 4

    The latest updates of Operating system should be installed

  • 5

    The modem firmware and the router should be updated.

  • 6

    Connect your PC with the iTunes without using an internet proxy.

  • 7

    The built in diagnostic in iTunes can assist your PC to run in order to check the connections as well as the created reports.

  • 8

    If security software is making any procedure difficult then update your security software by following the course of action stated below:

    On your PC click the start button and see which programs are available in the menu.

  • 9

    On the lower right corner of the task bar check the notification area present for security applications.

  • 10

    Under the control panel > add/remove, browse the installed application.

  • 11

    If you are on a Mac, go to Applications and then open the Utilities to check which security software is installed and updated their versions.

  • 12

    After updating the software configure it correctly so that your
    iTunes can conveniently contact Apple.

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