How to Fix Video Game Freezing Issues

We’ve all been there, whether we play on the PlayStation 3, Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360 or PC. One is simply walking from point A to point B or watching a cut scene or as is at a loading screen and suddenly, the screen freezes, the image is stuck and none of the commands or button presses work. This can be quite frustrating.

This is basically a video game freeze and can be caused by a multitude of reasons relating to software, hardware and the external environment as well.

Things Required:

– an internet connection


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    In the case of the PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS or Xbox 360, there really isn’t much one can do in most cases. This is because everything is strictly controlled by both Sony and the developers of the game, as well as the publishers. The publishers release regular updates to resolve freeze issues for their games. Simply download the update when the option becomes available. The option to do so will be given when you launch the game and an update has been made available, just make sure you are connected to the internet at this point in time.

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    When it comes to PCs, there could be a number of reasons for the game to freeze ranging from low memory to improper installation of the file.

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    The first thing one can do in this case is to close any applications running in the background such as Google Chrome, Photoshop, iTunes or any program that takes up a considerable amount of your RAM. Once that is done, you may run the game again.

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    The second thing that can be done in the case of PC games is to download a patch, which addresses these issues. There are a number of ways one can do this but going to the game’s website is perhaps the best and most secure.

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    If all else fails, try playing the game on low settings as this will reduce the load on the system and should allow the PC to handle the game better and prevent it from freezing or crashing.

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    However, if none of the aforementioned methods work then you may wish to heat up the game and the PC slightly as the best way to remove freezing. Just kidding. Its actually the opposite, if the system is overheated it could cause issues as well. Let the system cool down before playing the game again.

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