How to Get a Good Metal Sound on Guitar

Playing metal is a difficult thing to do. While many believe that metal is only distortion with absolutely no art, they should know that they are wrong. Metal guitarists have the heaviest of tones and they are really hard to copy. Therefore, if you want a guitar with a heavy tone, you should know how you should be setting your processor and your amp. Plug in your guitar, set the right gain, set the right tone, and roll down the knobs on your guitar so that you can also set the right tone.


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    Distortion pedal

    You should start with a distort pedal. If you don’t have one, try to get one. Moreover, if you can’t work with a distortion pedal, try going for a processor. Some of them have heavy metal tones saved inside them. If you are bored and lazy, you should definitely go for a good processor and amp. That way you will be able to play the perfect tone which you need for a metal guitar.

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    Good guitar pickups are absolutely necessary. Try to search around and look for the best ones. Most definitely the music store near you will explain you which one you will need for the type of tone you are trying to add to your guitar. A good pickup will determine the amount of distortion your guitar can handle.

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    A good set of strings can do wonders once you attach them with your guitar. You should change the strings often and that will really help you tone things down the way you want them to be. Therefore, be creative and innovative and try new set of strings often.

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    Listen to the type of bands you want to sound like. Once you have heard them, try to imitate them in real life and try to copy their tone. That will really help you do wonders. A good player is also a good listener. So, the bands you listen to are also the bands you try to imitate in real life.

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    Try to keep the best equipment. You must have a processor and a strong amp to support the sound you are trying to create. There are also softwares these days that really help your guitar sound like a motor boat.

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    Work on your playing and that will really help you get going. Once you improve your playing, the heavy metal tone will come automatically.

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