How to Get a Guy to Notice You

If you are trying to get the guy you like to notice you, but are constantly failing to do so, then you are definitely doing something wrong. Contrary to what you may be thinking or feeling right now, attracting the attention of the opposite sex is an art that every female is born with. The only thing that normally keeps them from realising what they are truly capable of is their lack of confidence.

In most cases, a female has to do little to nothing to grab the attention of her male counterpart(s), but if the guy you are dealing with has been ignoring you so far, then there are plenty of ways for you to get him to notice you.

Things Required:

– Confidence
– High heels
– Make-up
– Provocative clothes
– Perfume


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    One of the most important things that you need to focus on while trying to get a guy to notice you is your confidence. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin and be proud of what you are before you can start expecting others to show any interest in you. Confidence is the key to making an impression on the people around us. You must realise that nobody in this world is perfect. Even if you have a few flaws, there is a strong chance that others will not even notice them because they will be probably too busy hiding their own flaws.

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    Be yourself instead of trying to blend in by doing what everyone else is doing, or wearing what everyone else is wearing. You cannot expect a guy to notice you unless you really stand out from the crowd. This does not mean you start dressing up shabbily or start acting weird. Just hold on to your originality.

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    Walk with a little strut in order to give off an impression that you are comfortable in your own skin. A good way of walking in an enticing manner is to play a slow, sexy song in your head and walk to it. Wear high heels if you own a pair, as that will give your strut an extra bit of oomph.

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    Wear make-up. The aim should not be to hide whatever flaws are there on your skin. Instead, you should focus on highlighting your best features such as your eyes, lips, etc. Make sure you do not put on a lot of make-up, as guys normally get turned-off by that. Go for a natural look.

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    All the talk about guys being perverts is unfortunately true. They spend a major part of their day dreaming about one thing. You can, however, use this to your advantage. Muster up the courage to wear provocative clothes, showing just enough skin to tease the guy’s mind and get his heartbeat racing. Allow him to get a view of your shapely legs, your collar-bone, or a bit of your back. Be careful not to reveal too much, as that would only make you come off as trashy and the guy will become interested in you for all the wrong reasons. If you are not comfortable with revealing skin, then wear fitted clothes to tease him with your figure.

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    Wear a perfume with a great smell and pass by him. The scent is bound to grab his attention and make him look around for the source of the wonderful aroma.

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