How to Get a Hunting License in Texas

Hunting is a peculiar sport in numerous parts of the world. When it comes to hunting in Texas, there are a number of rules that you have to follow. For instance, you will need a hunting license. Make sure that you fully understand local laws related to hunting in Texas before you even apply for a license. Moreover, you would also need to check the hunting laws of the county in which you plan to hunt.

Things Required:

– Personal identification documents
– Funds for paying license fee


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    Remember that a hunting license is only valid for one year. For this reason, you will have to get your license renewed each year. The type of license you will have to acquire depends on the type of animal you plan to hunt in Texas.

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    For each animal, there is a hunting season. For instance, you can not hunt an animal during its breeding season even if you have a license. Similarly, hunting animals, categorised as endangered species, is forbidden throughout the year. Depending on the animal you plan on hunting, inquire about the hunting season and apply for the license ahead of time to avoid inconvenience due to crowds.

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    Visit the nearest branch of the licensing office. If you are unsure where the office is situated, call the county courthouse to inquire. Alternatively, you can go to the official Texas Parks and Wildlife website and apply for the license there. Either way, your hunting license will be delivered by the licensing office to your mailing address.

    Make sure that you are able to receive post mail at the address you provide when applying for the hunting license.

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    Once you have submitted all the required documents and necessary information, you will have to pay a nominal license fee. Check with the licensing office to determine possible modes of payment. You would have a number of options such as direct deposit, Visa, Master Card etc.

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    To hunt birds such as doves, you will need a Migratory Game Bird Stamp apart from the hunting license. Similarly, for hunting ducks in Texas, you will have to invest in a Federal Duck Stamp. Make sure you have the relevant stamp before hunting either birds or ducks.

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