How to Get a Natural-Looking Sunless Tan

It is commonly believed that the only way to get your body tanned is exposing yourself to scorching sunlight. Tanning beds are thought to be the only alternative for this purpose but we ignore the harmful effects of using these methods. Exposing your skin to intense sun heat might cause severe sunburns and other skin problems. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight or the tanning bed can cause many skin diseases and other abnormalities. It is better to avoid tanning your body if there are any possible harmful effects associated to the method you adopt. However, there is another safer and equally effective way to tan your body. You can use self-tanner anytime and anywhere for tanning purposes, without exposing yourself to the sunlight or lying in a tanning bed. Self-tanners are available in the market but you need to know the appropriate way to use them effectively. The results you yield will be phenomenal and you will surely save a lot of time.


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    Before choosing an appropriate self-tanner, you need to know what sort of skin you have got. Self-tanners are available in the beauty stores for fair, medium and darker skins; hence, you have to choose the one which suites you the best. If you have got a very fair skin and you choose a self-tanner formulated for darker complexions, it won’t work well on you. Choose a self-tanner according to your existing complexion for better results.

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    Self-tanners do not work rapidly and you won’t see the difference right after a couple of days. You need to apply the self-tanner for at least 3 to 4 days before you can notice any visible difference. These products work gradually but you will get a natural-looking tan in the end.

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    Cleanse and prepare your skin for tanning before you apply a self-tanner to it. Any good quality non-oily exfoliating product should be used to remove any dead cells from the skin and make it smoother. This will allow the self-tanner to absorb deeply in the skin and improve results. Take shower after exfoliating your skin and then make sure to towel dry yourself before you start using the self-tanner.

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    Remove hair from your legs before applying the self-tanner to them. Shaving your legs is the best thing to do or if you want to wax them, do it several days before you begin your tanning process.

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    Apply the self-tanner evenly to your entire body and let it dry for 30 minutes. Do not wear clothes immediately or this will cause uneven tanning of your body. Once it is dried, you can wear the clothes.

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