How to Get a Passport Quickly

The US Department of State provides a speedy passport application service to all of their citizen worldwide. This way you can submit an application for a new passport and get it in about three weeks. However, if you wish to travel in the next two weeks you can get in touch with the passport agency or a national passport information centre to make arrangements for a quick processing of your application. Exercise this option if you have an emergency and need to travel right away or if you know that your passport is about to expire just before travelling to another country. Understand that getting your passport quickly is a costly affair.


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    Getting started

    Go to the US Department of State website and fill the DS 82 form if you want to renew an adult passport. You have the option to apply over the internet and submit the forms or get a copy printed and fill it in writing. Be sure to complete the DS 11 form if you are getting your first passport. Fill all the sections in the application and do not forget to sign it. Add a passport sized photo, a copy of a recent US passport and a check or money order. Send this to the US Department of State. Also, provide credit or debit card information if required. If your name is different from the name on your present passport, then also include the court order or marriage certificate along with $60 for quick passport delivery.

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    Post office

    Go to the post office to submit the application. Put all the relevant documents in a sealed envelope and send them for delivery service. Mark the envelope “Expedited” in capital letters and mail it to the US Department of State. The application will be processed within two to three weeks. Call the US National Passport Information Center to find out about your application status if you do not get the passport in three weeks time.

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    Urgent delivery

    If your need the passport in less than two weeks, then get in touch with the National Passport Information Center or a regional passport agency. You can call them or arrange a meeting. Give the US Department of State official all the documents that support your travel itinerary such as hard copies of your flights and accommodation.

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