How to Get a Recycling Bin in Ottawa

The city of Ottawa and the province as a whole have a strong recycling program that is encouraged for all households. Various recyclable items are designated into different receptacles, known as bins and these are picked up at the curb of each house on a regular basis. In Ottawa, the recyclable items are placed into two types of bins, blue bins and black bins.

These bins are available for sale at local Canadian Tires, however the city of Ottawa has a program where all home-owners as eligible to receive these bins for free with vouchers that are sent via regular mail. This Step by Step guide details the how to acquire new bins as well as replacements for damaged bins. Only one of each bin will be supplied, unless damaged, lost or stolen.


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    Who is Eligible

    All home-owners who do not currently have a blue and a black recycling bin are eligible to receive vouchers for them. If you are new to Ottawa, have had your bins stolen, lost them or they have become damaged, you are eligible for said vouchers. Those who live in apartments will have to use the recycling bins that their buildings are required to have.

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    How to Get the Vouchers

    Once you have met the eligibility criteria above, the way to acquire the recycling bins is to call the city by dialling 3-1-1. Once called, you will be put through to a service representative who will ask for your address information in order to mail you the coupon, which should arrive between 3-5 business days.

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    Where to Go

    Once you have received the vouchers in the mail, you must go to your nearest Canadian Tire location in order to acquire the bins. Once you enter the store, ask a service representative where you can find the bins. You must take the bins to the cashier in order to acquire them. Once there, the bins will be scanned followed by the coupons bringing the bill to NIL.

    To search for your nearest Canadian Tire location, click here and enter your postal code or address.

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    What to Recycle

    The blue bin is reserved for glass, metal and plastics. For a full list of items, click here.

    The black bin is reserved for paper-based and related products. For a full listing, click here.

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    Recycling Schedule

    The blue and black bin are picked up on alternating weeks. For your area's schedule, click here and enter your address information.

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