How to Get Adverts on your Youtube Videos

Do you find yourself putting a lot of effort into a YouTube channel that is growing increasingly popular, but frustrated by the inability to make money out of it? YouTube does not charge users for uploading and watching videos, and the site itself earns money through the adverts it allows businesses to place beside and within their videos.

If you own a popular channel on YouTube, you can start generating revenue by signing up for the YouTube “Partner Program”, which will grant you a share of the ad clicks generated by your channel, in exchange for permitting YouTube to incorporate ads in your videos. This can be a great way to earn back after putting effort, time, and expenses into creating a successful channel – the more interesting your channel, the more visitors you will attract, and the higher the chance of ad clicks and earning money.


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    Start by logging in to your YouTube account. Once you are signed in, scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page, and click on “Creators and Partners”.

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    Once this option opens up, select “Benefits and Qualifications”. Read these thoroughly, and see if you are eligible and fulfil the requirements for applying for the Partner Program. Some of the requirements include that your videos should contain completely original content which you have full rights over, and that your channel have attained a certain degree of popularity.

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    If you find that you meet all these requirements, go ahead and apply for the Partner Program. You will notice a yellow button that says “Apply Now” – click on this, and enter in the required information: name, company information, your industry, your target audience, and the existing performance of your channel.

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    Once you are done with this, tick the two boxes at the very end of the application page that ask whether you agree with the “Terms of Service” of YouTube’s Partner Program. Finally, click “Review Application” to go through it all one last time, and then click “Submit”.

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    Since there is no time frame specified by YouTube in regards to how long it will take for applicants to the Partner Program to get a response, you will need to be patient. Once your application has been reviewed, and if the site accepts it, YouTube will contact you directly, and you can get adverts on your videos and start generating revenue.

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