How to Get an Original Drum Beat

It is not very difficult to get your own original drum beat, no matter how long you have been trying already composed beats on the drum. You can compose your own beat with a bit of inspiration from a senior drum player and then working on different ways. You can make your own beat while experimenting on different existing beats. Another way to get a new beat is to change the signatures as varying time signature can change the sound of drum to be different.


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    Drawing Inspiration

    Your new drum beat does not have to be different completely, as you can draw inspiration from other drummers and introduce some changes of your own. You are free to experiment with the beats and gradually find a way out of your own, and if you are able to change the sound, you are successful in creating a new beat.

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    Changing Time Signature

    You can make changes to time signatures and your drum will sound completely different. Varying time signatures allow you to experiment more with the drum beats and you will feel gradually that you are developing a new sound altogether. In the beginning it may not make sense to you but as your grow in practice it will be a different beat.

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    Experimenting with Instruments

    You can add more instruments with drums and experiment with them freely. It can help you produce a different beat. Even small cans lids, or addition of some other basic instruments can help you in the creativity and you can be successful in getting a new drum beat. Addition of more instruments will make your beat sound differently to pure drum work.

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    Adjusting Own Beats

    If you have been working on different beats, you can adjust them to a smaller to larger scale, and it can lead to production of a different beat or a beat that will sound differently to the previous one because of the modifications.

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    Incorporation of Different Techniques

    You can also incorporate different techniques. For example, you can play drum with one stick like Ringo Starr and make your drum beat sound totally different to the regular drum beat when you use all sticks.

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