How to Get Commercial Auditions

An ambitious actor or actress can get work in commercials in order to get rich, gain exposure and enhance farfetched aspirations in television or film. It is a tradition for actors to get involved in commercial projects before launching their professional work in other areas. On the other hand, a national commercial can provide you with good amount of money as well. If you want to find work in a commercial, you have to first audition for the role that you would like to have. Make sure you know that finding a commercial audition is the hardest part of acquiring the job. There are a number of ways to find work in commercials.


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    Prepare a head shot

    Find a commercial head shot for yourself. Get in touch with a professional photographer who has some experience in actor head shots. After that, set a meeting so that he can photograph you. You should be aware that a commercial head shot is different from a theatrical head shot by a far margin. It is important to keep a happy facial expression and do not be serious in the picture under any circumstances. During your time with the camera person, you can also ask a favour from him to take pictures of you for a theatrical head shot in the case you look for some theatrical work.

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    Select the best picture

    Analyse all the photos carefully and choose the commercial head shot you think is the best. Photographers generally provide the actor with a CD or send an email with photo attachments. Remember that both these consist of all the pictures from your photo session. Then visit a photo development facility that specializes in actor head shots and lithographs. Get a lot of hard copies and maintain the digital version after you have made appropriate adjustments with it.

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    Find an agent that can represent you

    Get a listing or commercial agencies and agents. These will tell you of which agents and agencies take care of commercials side of the business or theatrical. From this list, shortlist the agents and agencies you want to work with. Once you have done this, email your head shot to these agencies and agents. Also add a resume at the back of your head shot. Write your contact number, height, eye colour, hair color and weight in the resume. Do add any prior work you have performed before the commercial.

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