How To Get Environmental Permits In London

Businesses that can cause any sort of pollution in the air or to the environment must acquire Environmental Permit to operate legally. This Environmental Permit obligation is made compulsory by the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 in London. This permit will place strict limitations over the pollution caused by such businesses, whether it’s a mobile plant or a building. Environmental permit allows both government and businesses to save the surroundings from getting polluted. However, not all of us know which type of businesses require an Environmental Permit. Moreover, several people also do not know the procedure to get the Environmental Permit in London. To sort this issue, view the information in this article for guidance.


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    Who Requires an Environmental Permit:

    To operate regulated facilities in London, businessmen require environmental permit. The regulated entities comprise:

    - Mobile plants or installations executing listed activities
    - Waste processing
    - Waste mobile plant
    - Mining waste process

    For further information see the following: Part A1 Permits and Part A2 Permits (Local Authority Regulated).

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    Obtain Environmental Permit Form:

    Those who wish to acquire the Environmental Permit should first get the request form from their relevant local council.

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    Who issues Environmental Permit:

    In London, Environmental Permits are granted by the local councils. The council processes the form upon submission and after close inspection, issues the Environmental Permit to the aspirants.

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    How to Contact Local Council:

    Folks who want to get in touch with their local council in order to obtain an Environmental Permit can get their required details from here.

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    How to Apply for an Environmental Permit:

    Write down specific information related to your business, the levels of pollution discharged and pay the required fee.

    Most local authorities are offering on-line services.

    Business owners can apply for the Environmental Permits through post as well as forms , that are available with the local authorities.

    Fill the important information on the application form and attach other pertinent information (if any). Do not forget to enclose the correct fee.

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    Application Fee:

    The fee for Environmental Permit is set by the government. This fee may vary from business to business and on yearly basis. See the Government’s current fee schedule.

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    Process on Application:

    In order to know about the application process to have a good overview, see the government's General Guidance Manual. This manual covers the entire process of Environmental Permitting. It takes nearly four months to process an application, but in case of waste oil burners and dry cleaners, the process usually gets completed in 3 months period.

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