How to Get Free Employees for a Business

Wanting people to work for free may seem unreal but by pursuing the right avenues, one can certainly find talented, energetic employees, willing to help your business grow.


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    Family members

    You can always ask your family members to help you out. This seems the best and most reliable way of getting employees for nothing. One can always trust them to work with honesty and dignity, and oversee the work in your absence. In return, one can always give benefits, but that must not be entirely related to money. Outline the work done by each member, and challenge them to complete the task. Young adults are often willing helpers and also try to impress their elders. Assign them tasks according to their abilities and interests, which in turn will help your business.

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    Hiring interns

    The most common way to get free employees is to hire school, university and college interns. Most schools encourage businesses to offer internships, which basically help youngsters gain practical knowledge. The students will be getting real life experience regarding how things will be after they have completed their academics. The added benefit for them is that they will have a professional experience on their resumes. Moreover, internships help enhance their skills, and knowledge about the realities of the market place.

    However, treating an intern will be a different exercise when compared to salaried employees. The margin of error could be big as you are basically training them to assist you on certain projects rather than expecting to complete the tasks on their own.

    Make sure to outline the necessary guidelines for better understanding. Clearly list the job description, and company’s intended goals, along with up to date information about the business. For your own sake, create an interview process where you determine the qualifications for the internship. This way you will be able to hire a team of interns, who will be covering different tasks for you. Make sure that you keep flexible hours of work or shifts which are under the state law.

    In return, you need to appreciate their work. While they will be gaining nothing in terms of money, make sure to help them out by writing letters of recommendation or giving them references for future employment.

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