How to Get Maximum Juice from Lemons and Limes

Give me a nod if the following sounds familiar; you just finished squeezing the juice from a lemon or lime and have that gut feeling that after all the pressing and squeezing there’s still some awesome juice left hidden in those bad boys. We have to tell you that you are most likely very right. In fact, we know this because what we have to recommend to you will definitely get noticeably more juice out of your citrus fruits.


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    Pick Good Ones

    First and foremost, it is important to pick good quality and fresh citrus fruit. Keep them at room temperature or refrigerated and use them as soon as possible to take advantage of their freshness.

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    The first part of a two part secret to getting the most juice out of your lemons and limes is the microwave. Place your fruit in the microwave, and set to high for 10 seconds.

    This goes a long way in releasing the juice within the fruit.

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    Roll Around

    Part two of the secret process goes as follows: remove the lemon or lime from the microwave and using the palm of your hand roll it along your counter or table. Press on the fruit firmly, but not enough to rupture or damage it. Roll it back and forth along the table 5-6 times each way.

    This rolling releases more juice, you will notice it as you roll.

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    Cut and Squeeze

    Using a sharp knife, cut the fruit and half and proceed to squeeze the juice from it as you normally would. Some may prefer to squeeze between their thumb and index finger while others may opt to cup their hand around the half to squeeze it.

    Enjoy the extra juice you are able to get out of the fruit.

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