How to Make Bovril Drink with Cubes

Are you planning to have a hot cup of salty and beefy Bovril along with a beautiful site of football match this chill morning? Bovril drink is an easy to prepare drink with meat extracts and a lot of health benefits. Most commonly manufactured in the UK, this drink is not something new for us! Bovril has been in use for quite a long time as you might have heard about the way the drink helped the troops maintain themselves in the World War I? So now you can imagine the extent of energy it provides! In the past it was prepared with beef only but today this drink is prepared with beef extracts plus yeast which gives it a slightly different taste then before. But not everyone is Bovril’s big fan! You may either love this drink once you take the salty beefy sip or you simply hate it but no doubt the drink has got many health benefits apart from its taste. The drink is full of vitamins and protein and above all it gives instant energy to your body by keeping you warm at the same time. You may get the Bovril either in the form of paste or cubes! The cubes are usually used to prepare the Bovril drink. Whether the Bovril is served as a drink or taken as a toast spread it provides an equal level of energy. The drink is pretty simple to prepare, all you need Bovril cubes and hot water! Now if you are still wondering how to prepare the Bovril drink then follow our step by step guide given below:

Prep time: 5 to 7 min
Refrigeration time: 15 min
Total time: 20 to 22 min
Yield: 1 serving
Utensils: Saucepan, heat resistant container

Bovril Cubes


  • 1

    Add about 8 ounce of water in a sauce pan and put it on flame and bring it to boil.

  • 2

    In the meantime, choose your favorite mug that is heat resistant at the same time and add a cube of Bovril in it. By the time the water is bubbling now so turn the burner off.

  • 3

    Next pour the boiling water into the mug with Bovril cube in it. Now give your drink a good stir until it takes the form of a paste and the cube gets completely dissolved in water.

  • 4

    Finally refrigerate the drink for about 15 minutes to let it cool down. Your bovril drink is ready to be taken. Simple isn't it?

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