How to Get more Hours at Work

While doing a job, you may find yourself in a situation when you need more hours at work to make extra money, leave a good impression on your boss or even to get a promotion. Nowadays, no employer will allow you to work for extra hours as he/she will have to pay you extra bucks.

So what to do? Well, an obvious method is to walk into your boss’s room and request for some more hours at work but there is probability of rejection. You can achieve your target by following some simple but effective directions.


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    Be responsible:

    You must have an image of a responsible worker. For that, you need to show up on time, finish your task well in time and work some extra hours without any overtime allowances. You will see that your supervisor or boss will start to take notice of your routine and ultimately you will be able to get into their good books. Now you can request for some extra hours and see what happens.

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    Earn your position:

    You should prove that you are worthy of the position you are holding in this organisation. Remember, your reputation is everything in the business sector and it plays a vital role when an employer is creating your work schedule. Be or at least pretend to be dependable, devoted and successful. You will see that your reputation will help you a lot in getting more hours at work.

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    Make bosses your friend:

    You should be confident and wise enough to build a good working relationship with your supervisors. It does not mean that you can cross your line and bring them to your level. Maintain a respectful distance but stay connected. Make them realise that you can act promptly and handle any kind of situation. They will definitely want you to stay more at work.

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    Be beneficial for the company:

    You must not be a burden for the company rather try to get better at selling. Remember, your employer will only consider your request if he/she is positive that you will turn out to be beneficial for the company. Let’s face it, why would an employer want to pay more if you are not giving something in return.

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    Capitalise your working hours:

    If you are not appreciating the hours you already have then forget about more hours at work. No chance of anything positive happening on that front.

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