How to Get More Melanin in Skin

Melanin is a natural substance inside us that gives our skin, iris and hair their color. Our skin has cells called melanocytes which produce melanin. Melanin is produced as a self protective measure from the body when it is exposed to UV light. It is the Melanin that gives the tan to our skin.  However, there are no drugs out there which can stimulate melanin production without exposure to UV light. It is unsafe to try melanin injections and any other drugs for sunless tanning which bring with themselves multiple side effects. This leaves us with the sun which is the best way to get melanin into your skin and get that hot tanned complexion. But if you’re looking for more ways to get Melanin in the skin so that you can look tan, then a few of them are listed in this article, which will help you get the tan you’ve always wanted!


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    Foods that boost melanin:

    For increased melanin production, you will need to eat foods that contain abundance of vitamin A and C. Foods which have vitamin A include fish, eggs, cheese, carrots, tomatoes and papaya. You can get Vitamin E from nuts and pistachios.

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    Sun tan:

    Apply sun block with SBF 15 generously 0n the body, including your back and legs. Massage it to let it get absorbed. For the lips, use a balm that has UV light protection. Wait for half an hour so that the sun block settles down and is able to shield you. If you live in a sunny region you can do it anytime of the week when the sun is out. If you live in a place where the sun is a not so frequent guest, you might have to schedule your vacations for a sunnier place this year. Take a lounge chair outside in the sun. You can take a book or your ipod with you to keep company. Stay in the sun for as long as your skin permits. If you have a skin that burns easily, stay out for a short while and then and come back in. Do this several times a week. Doing this in breaks means that you do not burn your skin in the sun.  Your melanin production will increase slowly. This is the safest way to get tanned with the least skin damage. You might have to re apply your sun screen if you are staying outside for long. Do remember, over exposure to sun increases the risk of skin cancer.

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    Tanning Bed and Booth:

    This is the most dangerous way to get tanned. However, it has gained immense popularity over the years. Not only are saloons offering tanning beds (you lie down in them) and booths ( you stand up), people are also installing them at homes for convenience and privacy.  These have lamps that emit UV light in a fashion that somewhat copies the sun. This UV light makes the skin respond in the same way as to a sun.  In a tanning bed, you set a timer according to the level of tan you want and lie down after closing the lid. Always use safety goggles because your eyes risk going blind when exposed to UV light.

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    Supplements and drugs:

    Tanning products are easily available in the market and they produce synthetic melanin in you body. They will give your skin the shade of tan that you want, depending on the intensity of use.  Tanning sprays are also available with the same ingredients and give your skin a darker look. You can also ask your doctor to inject melanin directly in to your body. This melanin is actually a synthetic hormone and darkens your body. These two ways of melanin production are safer then direct prolonged exposure to the sun which places you at risk of skin cancer.

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