How to Get Rid Of a Wart At Home

Are you upset with chagrin warts on different parts of your body? Do not panic at all, as there are many easy to make home remedies to tackle this skin problem. Wart is actually tiny rough growth in different parts of because of the common viral skin infection known as human papillomavirus (HPV). Generally, warts are not painful at all but they can be annoying if they appear on the visible parts of your body like hands, face, and feet.


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    Use duct tape

    Duct tape is one of the simple and best home remedies for warts. Grab a scissor and cut a piece of duct tape large enough to cover the whole wart. Now, gently apply the piece of duct tape to the affected area and leave it for approximately one week. Once you remove the duct type, soak the wart in mild or warm water for around ten minutes. Wipe your wart dry and go through the same process for around month or two to get rid of the embarrassing warts.

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    Apply vitamin A capsules

    The liquid extracted from the vitamin A capsules is another great home remedy that you can use to remove the unwanted warts from different parts of your body. Cut the tip of the vitamin A capsule with a scissor and rub it to the affected area with a brush or a cotton ball. Wait for few minutes until dry and wash with mild water. Repeat this procedure once per day until your warts heal.

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    Apply tea tree oil

    Another effective homemade remedy for warts is the oil of tea tree. Take a cotton ball, dip it into the tea tree oil, and apply it to the warts. Apply tea tree oil once a day. Keep repeating the process for at least 10 days and see the difference.

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    Apply banana peel

    There is no other useful and simple homemade remedy for warts than the inner side of a banana peel. What you have to do is just peel a banana properly and slice a section of it enough to cover the wart that you want to get rid of. Now, place the peel of banana on the specific wart with its inner side down. Cover with a bandage or a piece of cloth and leave it for approximately 5 days until the banana peel turns dark black. Remove it at the end of fifth day and wash with water.

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