How to Get Rid Of Chlamydia At Home

Among the most common sexually transmitted diseases, Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that can be passed on through intimate physical contact to both men and women. The disease is fairly difficult to detect during its earlier stages – however, as it progresses, symptoms of physical discomfort can begin to occur. For this reason, it is essential to get regular checkups in order to ensure that you are not harboring an infection you do not know about.

Being a common condition, Chlamydia is perfectly treatable, and is not serious unless it is ignored or left untreated for a prolonged period of time.

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    The best way to go about this is to seek immediate medical attention from professionals, and stick to the medicines and course of treatment they prescribe (these will generally be antibiotics). Relying solely on home remedies for the purpose of getting rid of Chlamydia is unwise and not recommended, as this can be an ineffective course of treatment. However, there are certain habits and home treatments that can be adopted alongside conventional medical treatment in order to provide relief from the symptoms.


    The process of treatment requires you to make certain lifestyle changes, and the best home remedy for Chlamydia is a change in diet, in order to help the body fight the infection. While it may have no direct connection to your condition, a balanced and healthy diet needs to be adopted, for the purpose of strengthening the immune system. Include alkaline forming foods like nuts, seeds, and whole grains in your diet, and eat plenty of leafy greens, fruits, fish, and yogurt. Avoid foods like fattening dairy products, red meat, and alcohol.

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    Herbal remedies

    Herbal remedies can have a soothing effect and greatly enhance the potency of any pharmaceutical medicines you happen to be taking for Chlamydia. Known for its properties as a natural antibiotic, garlic is a great home remedy that can be ingested in either raw form, or as a capsule. Sage is also an effective herb for this purpose, and the best way to use it is to drink a cup of sage tea twice a day – simply boil a few cups of water with crushed sage, strain the liquid, and use it. Echinacea and Saw Palmetto are also powerful natural remedies with antibacterial properties, and tea tree oil can also be used as a natural treatment – simply dilute a small amount in lukewarm water, and use it to wash the affected area.

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    Preventive measures

    While these measures may not guarantee complete safety if you are looking to protect yourself from the disease, certain tactics can be used for the purposes of control and prevention. The only sure-fire way to protect yourself from the disease is abstinence – however, this is not a practical solution. Instead, you can ensure that you use protective and preventive measures when engaging in intimate physical activity, and schedule regular checkups so you can catch and nip any burgeoning diseases and infections in the bud.

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