How to Get Your Employees to Follow Your Lead

Simply paying people for their work does not inculcate loyalty and honesty, let alone respect. By clearly conveying your vision and requirements, you can lay down the procedure your employees need to follow, but leading by example is the only way you can motivate them to work wholeheartedly.


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    Lead by example

    This remains the essential way to motivate your employees. Seeing your exemplary work ethics, they will be bound to follow your lead. Being a leader, your task should not simply be restricted to getting the most out of your team, but should also focus on all smaller duties such as showing respect, being sincere, recognizing team effort, focusing on positives and motivating them.

    Keeping these things in mind, you will see an evident change in the working atmosphere. Make sure to be professional, and maintain a certain distance as causal actions of yours will hold you accountable in the eyes of your employees.

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    Establish clear communication

    It is important to communicate instructions clearly before approaching your employee in case of any negligence. Facilitating them properly will avoid any similar kind of mishaps in the future. Don’t criticize their work and show respect if it was an honest mistake. The subordinates will take note of that and will eventually prove their worth by following your example.

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    Listen to feedback

    The most important aspect to employee satisfaction is to listen to their side of the story. Knowing that you are a reasonable person, they will easily convey their concerns and give suggestions which could come in handy. Make sure to get back to them with some concrete input on their feedback.

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    Recognizing achievements

    Nothing pleases an employee more than knowing that his/her achievements have been recognized by the bosses.  Consider telling him/her personally or by raising the matter in a group meeting. That will motivate other employees to give their best too.

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    Ability to handle different situations differently

    You need to mould yourself according to various situations. If you are addressing something important, make sure that your sub-ordinates understand the seriousness of the meeting. However, in light-hearted conversations, you may give extra leverage and room for discussion.

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    Ultimately believe in yourself

    You need to have self faith and believe in your own abilities before asking your sub-ordinates to follow your lead. If you have made a bad decision, accepting is the right way to go about your business. Devote extra time to correct the mistake which will leave a striking impression of your determination to succeed .

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