How to Give Medicine to a Cat Using a Dropper

All living beings, including humans and animals, get ill from time to time. In such situations, it becomes important to administer proper medication. When giving medicine to animals such as cats, droppers are commonly used because unlike humans, cats do not ingest medicine willingly. The task of giving medicine to a cat using a dropper has to be accomplished in a peculiar manner, although it is perfectly doable. Furthermore, one might need a friend or a family member to assist in the process, by properly holding the cat so that it cannot move.


  • 1

    Make your cat sit comfortably on a flat surface such as a tabletop. Position yourself on the left side of the cat.

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    Fill the dropper with the prescribed quantity of the medicine. Over dosage may have adverse effects and should be avoided at all cost. Furthermore, self medication is not good for anyone in any case. For this reason, use only the medicine that has been prescribed by a veterinary doctor.

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    Immobilise the cat’s head by holding it with your left hand. Keep the cat’s mouth closed by placing your left thumb at the spot where the cat’s nose starts; at the same time, keep the fingers of your left hand under the cat’s jaw. Avoid applying too much pressure with your left hand because that would cause pain.

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    Carefully tilt the cat’s head upwards until it has traversed an angle of about 30 degrees from its original position.

  • 5

    Take the dropper filled with medicine in your right hand and carefully insert it into the right side of the cat’s mouth. The dropper should pass between the lips and the teeth. If that is not the case, your cat will give you a hard time when it comes to ingesting the medicine, and may spit it back.

  • 6

    Slide the tip of the dropper all the way to the rear end of the cat’s cheek point. Slowly compress the dropper bulb until all of the medicine in the dropper has been deposited at the appropriate spot inside the cat’s mouth.

  • 7

    In order to make it easier for the cat to swallow the medicine, release your right hand’s grasp just a little bit, but do not completely let go of the cat’s head. Tilt your cat’s nose downwards at an angle of 30 degrees from the original position. Let go once you are sure the cat has swallowed.

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