How to Groom a Lowchen

The Lowchen, or Little Lion Dog, is one of the world’s rarest dog breeds. There are usually only a few registrations for it worldwide every year. They are great family dogs, being both fearlessly protective and sociable at the same time. Although they appear gentle due to their small stature and distinctive “lion cut” coat, they are actually quite strong. They require full grooming every 6 to 8 weeks which is relatively easy to do if you follow some basic methods.

Things Required:

– Natural bristle brush
– Metal comb
– Clippers
– Thinning shears


  • 1

    Consider brushing the snow-white coat on a regular basis. Here, you can use a natural bristle brush, as this will help avoid tangling and knotting while working on your Lowchen’s coat. While combing the coat, you can also use a metal comb while you work out any stubborn tangles.

  • 2

    Trim the coat into a "lion cut" which means hair should be 1/8 inch from the last rib back all the way to the hindquarters. A mane should be left which covers only the last rib.

  • 3

    Trim the hindquarters all the way to the hock joints and the front legs from the elbows to above the knees. Clip the tail, halfway from the base and leave the hair long on the rest of the tail.

  • 4

    Clip the feet until the dewclaws are completely gone. Keep the unclipped areas totally natural. Only smooth, shape or neaten the unclipped areas with a comb or a brush.

  • 5

    Shave with the grain of the coat before a bath and against it after a bath. This will keep the hair free from any tangles.

  • 6

    Use thinning shears to trim hair on the head, ears, face and chest. Only use thinning shears to get rid of stray hair, not to do any major styling.

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