How to Grow Russian Comfrey at Home

Comfrey is one the few plants with multiple useful applications. It is used not only in medicine, but also works as a fantastic fertilizing agent. Moreover, the Russian comfrey is used to feed the animals like pigs.

Farmers have been growing comfrey for various purposes including animal feeding for ages. Those who are running a pig farm can actually save plenty of money by growing this crop in the lawn.

This activity pays back very quickly, because the Russian comfrey grows very fast. One can even grow small plants of comfrey at home and then transfer them to the bigger garden.

Things required:

– Allotted growing space
– Weed free soil
– Animal manure


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    First of all, identify the area where you want to grow the Russian comfrey. Since the comfrey plant is not very large in size, you can even grow it in the pots, windows and lawn.

    Make sure the place you have selected faces the sun directly. The comfrey plants particularly thrive in the full sun. If you don’t have an open place at home, make sure the sun at least light reaches the comfrey plants for a few hours each day.

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    A lot of hard work is required, because comfrey is not one of the easiest plants to weed. Before working on the surface, remove all the perennial plants and weed roots.

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    For the best and quick results, you need to use poultry droppings. Thoroughly add the manure at least to the top six inches of the surface. You should not hesitate to use the popularly manure, because the comfrey plants need plenty of nutrients. Unlike many others plants, comfrey does not burn from the raw manure.

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    You have prepared for the surface and now it is the time to buy the comfrey plants. The temperature plays a big role in comfrey’s growing. The researches have proved that the spring months of March and April are the best time for the growing of comfrey.

    Sometimes, the September temperature helps you get the great outcome. You can start with indoor pots, but the plants should be moved to an open place once they start growing.

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    If you are using your lawn, plant the comfrey plats at least a couple of feet apart. When growing them at home, it is better to use one small pot for each plant.

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    Comfrey will start growing within a few days. Remove the stalks from the comfrey plants and feed them to chickens or pigs.

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