How to Handle the Disruptive Director

To change anyone’s behaviour is not an easy thing but still it is highly substantial that you choose the right methods or therapy to change disruptive behaviour of an individual. It is also important here to mention that there are many who will understand that changing disruptive behaviour of any specific individual is one thing but changing behaviour of an individual who is of a higher authority in any profession or business is all together a different task to achieve. However there are many ways which can be used in changing someone’s disruptive attitude. Disruptive director nowadays is a common term people call whenever they see this kind of situation arising in any specific organisation or industry.


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    Understand the problem

    Knowing disruptive behaviour is key for anyone who wants to eradicate this from some individual. It is the kind of behaviour which is not at all appropriate for any person who is running an organisation or at least playing a major role in any industry. Having this behaviour or attitude leads sometime to a level where you cannot get hold onto your different mood swings. It is also important that when dealing with this problem, one should completely understand this behaviour and why it occurs.

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    Talk to the director

    If you have identified this problem in your director, you should personally approach him and try to address the things which you and other employees have been noticing about his attitude and disruptive behaviour.

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    Talk to other co-workers

    Talking to your co-workers about your disruptive director is also a good thing. They will also try to understand how to tackle this issue.

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    Serious meeting

    A serious meeting between board members and the director will give a better idea about this disruptive behaviour. In the meeting, you should explain all the things to the director who is having disruptive behaviour.

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