How to Have a Nice Handwritten Signature

Signature is a sign that assures your voluntary acceptance and agreement to the terms of certain agreements, adoption or issuance of certain documents, products and services. The caption contains the initials of the first, middle and last name of the author.

And there is little arguing to the statement that the caption says a lot about the character and personality of its author. Rich and educated people have always given proper attention to their signatures. In this modern era, where everything can be done through a computer, we can hardly see people using a pen or a paper.


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    The signature often consists of one or two letters including initials and last name written in any order. Try to add decorative elements in your signatures for example a line. Symmetric elements in the design, loops and lines are inherited by creative people. The amount of capital letters in the signature tells propensity for intellectual work.

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    To practice your handwriting, write down everything you can without a computer or typewriter. This will help you control your hand and develop hand muscles and coordination between the fingers.

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    Another way how to write beautifully is to take different writing instruments. Try different combination of signatures using different types of pen, coloured pencils and markers. This process will help you find some artistic traits to your handwriting.

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    To practice making your signature beautiful, take a pen and a notepad. Sit down and write full name. Then write down the initials. Think about how you could get them in a list. Use three caps and try to combine your initials or name with the fragment. Try a few of the options and choose the one that appeal you more than others.

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    To learn how to increase the beauty within a signature, you need to work out fairly. Take a notepad and pen. Practice signatures with a very short distance as many times as needed to obtain the ideal repetition.

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    Do not put too much strain on your fingers and hand while writing. Try to use a better combination of arm and shoulder muscles while writing. You can simulate writing letters in the air. The main thing is to remember that the elbow should be relaxed.

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