How to Host a Spa Party at Home for Kids

If your daughter wants a unique birthday party, you can always organize a spa party for kids. You can also arrange simple get together of your kids with their friends. Let the kids enjoy and relax in the spa party at your home. By organizing spa party in your house, you will also save money if you host the party in a spa centre.

Things Required:

– A large room
– Two tables for the face masks and nail varnish
– A chair for each kid
– A towel for every friend
– An eye mask per friend
– Washing bowl
– Two small bowls for every friend
– Warm soapy water
– Aromatic oil
– Calm music
– Incense sticks


  • 1


    First of all make a list of kids you want to invite. Invite those friends who are closer to your daughter. Then design themed invitation cards. You can make cards which have a girl having manicure on the front. In addition to this, you can decorate simple cards with stickers of spa items like nail polish or eye masks and give them to the kids.

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    Choose the room

    Next you need to choose a room where you want to host the spa party. Choose a large room for this purpose. You can plan the spa party in a big bedroom or the living room.

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    Spa atmosphere

    Create spa stations at different locations for the kids. By this kids will receive different treatments at a time. You can place water tubs in different places, nail polish on another area, facial masks in another place etc. You can also light up scented candles in different spots of the room and dim the lights. For the walls, you can decorate with floral ascents and spray the room with lavender or jasmine scent.

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    Spa snacks

    You need to offer the kids healthy snacks. You can serve sandwiches with cucumber and peanut butter jelly to the kids. In addition to this, place vegetable dippers with savoury dipping sauce.

  • 5

    Spa activities

    Let the kids rotate to different spa stations in the room. These stations should be run by adults. Let the guests have foot bath under warm water. The kids can also have bubble bath before having manicures and pedicures. Also offer massages and let the kids choose nail polish of their desired colours.

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