How to Humiliate Someone Anonymously

It is a tough world out there and you cannot live peacefully until and unless you take care of yourself and your belongings. It is not good to humiliate anybody; however, sometimes you have to take some steps to create a smooth environment in society when you observe something morally wrong that is plaguing the community. For instance, if someone keeps on insulting people without any reason, you must teach that person the lesson of a lifetime. The best way to teach such people a lesson is to humiliate them anonymously so that they may not insult or disturb other people without reason.


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    First of all, you have to determine what kind of method you need to use in order to humiliate the person. There are many techniques which you can use. For example, you can teach him or her a lesson through the internet by creating different web pages or pages on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or Orkut - this is an effective method to humiliate someone anonymously, and you can use the page to insult the person in question, or reveal embarrassing information about him/her. The selection of the method depends on how much you want to humiliate that person.

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    You must possess sound information about the person who you are going to humiliate; it will help you in selecting the right method. If that person is your ex-lover, friend or a family member, you can easily get the necessary information about him. However, if that person is a complete stranger, you will have to search for the required information.

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    You can detach that person’s friends from him/her by spreading wrong information about them using his or her name. Spread malicious rumours, but make sure you mention the person whom you are targeting as the source of the gossip. In this way, that person will not only lose his/her credibility, but will be ignored by everyone in their social circle. In addition, that individual may get slapped by his closest friends for that, and may eventually end up friendless.

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    If you want to humiliate someone who cheats a lot in his or her relationships, just call all the lovers of that person at one place at an unexpected time. It will make that person cry and get really humiliated while nobody will know about you.

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