How to Improve Balance with Tandem Walking

Most people think that they have a terrible balance and co-ordination. A person loses his balance after weak muscles, some medical anomalies, change in eyes and ears, some medications and many other reasons. However, among several ways of improving balance, tandem walking is one of the best options. It will help in repairing damaged pathways leading to the brain and teach your body new ways of keeping your body straight. It also strengthens weak muscles and helps doctors as well. Neurologists usually ask their patients to do tandem walking in order to check if they are suffering from ataxia or not. People suffering from ataxia especially truncal ataxia have wobbly gait.


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    The main purpose of tandem walking is to improve your balance. Tandem walking helps developing co-ordination and balance with gait.

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    Place one foot in front of the other

    In order to tandem walk, you need to put one foot in front of the other foot. The toe of the foot behind should touch the heel of foot in front.

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    After placing one foot in front of the other, you need to move the foot behind and place it in front of the other foot. You need to place the heel of the rear foot in front of the toe of the other foot. Remember to maintain your balance a t all the time as you do not want to fall.

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    Repeat the steps

    Now repeat the above steps and continue walking. You should perform this until you feel tired or as long as you can. Tandem walking improves a person balance as it decreases the base of your support.

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    Take help from another person

    In case you have poor balance, you can take help from a friend or a family member to perform this task. The helper will assist or gait you with your walking and balance. He will not let you fall in case you trip or face some problem while tandem walking.

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