How To Improve the Fuel Economy of your Car

In today’s times when almost everything in the world is subject to inflation, you have to take necessary steps to remain financially stable. A car is a necessity nowadays and also a major expenditure because of the fuel prices. Keeping that in mind, you have to make sure that your car is as efficient as it can be to give you the best mileage possible.

There a series of ways in which a car owner can improve the consumption of fuel in his car. This can be done if you have an older car also but for that the car has to be properly maintained and proper checks have to be taken every month to make sure the condition remains good.

The key points include maintaining the condition of your car, driving at a moderate speed, switching the air conditioner off while idle or driving through congested areas and maintaining proper inflation of the tires.


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    Maintain your vehicle

    The most important thing would be to maintain your car well and get all the checks on time. This includes the tuning, oil check, replacing the air filter and changing spark plugs in time. A failure to check any one of the things mentioned above could deteriorate the state of the engine and would decrease the mileage eventually

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    Maintain a moderate speed when driving

    Driving the car at a relatively faster speed means that more fuel is consumed. To improve on your fuel mileage, make sure that you drive with a constant moderate speed. It is important to accelerate slowly when driving as it helps in increasing the mileage of the car. To apply brakes over a longer distance is also considered good for the fuel economy

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    Avoid the use of Air conditioner in heavy traffic

    The air conditioner uses a lot of fuel when driving. Try to avoid using the air conditioner when driving through heavy traffic as the stop and go would not help in the best consumption of fuel. Also, turn the air conditioner off when you are idle on a signal or parking

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    Keep the tires to proper inflation

    Properly inflated tires surely help in improving the fuel consumption of the car. If the tires are not inflated, the car will use more fuel than usual and it is extremely dangerous also. The best way to avoid this is to get your tires checked every week before you leave for work or on the way back

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