How to Increase Good Cholesterol

So what exactly is cholesterol? It is a wax like substance present in our cells. It is close to proteins in the blood stream and biologically known as lipoprotein. To prevent yourself from chances of heart disease you need to lower your low density lipoprotein (LDL), i.e. bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol (HDL). It helps preventing formation of fatty deposits in arteries. It is said that genetics also determine the cholesterol level. If your good cholesterol le el is below recommended then you need to follow some steps to boost it.


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    Aerobic Exercise

    It gives you multiple benefits: weight loss, cardiovascular training and also raises the count of good cholesterol in your body. Do it in moderation so that you can incorporate it in your routine.

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    Say no to smoking

    If your aim is to increase HDL level, than you definitely need to break this habit. It improves the good cholesterol level around 10 percent. If you find it hard to quit, discuss it with your doctor; he will help you in devising strategies to quit.  It will be a relief for your health and your wallet.

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    Cut out the Trans fats

    You will have to sacrifice some of your favorite foods. Trans fats contribute to the increase of bad cholesterol and decreases good cholesterol. The labels reading “partially hydrogenated oil” should be avoided. Do not cut fats completely but put a limit on them. Chose mono and poly saturated fats; usually found in peanuts, canola and olives. Some other healthy choices include fish and nuts.

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    Dark Chocolate

    It is a delicious yet wholesome treat. Eat it regularly but in moderate portion size. It stimulates the production of good cholesterol. Try a 70% cocoa version.

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    Orange Juice

    Citrus really helps in balancing your cholesterol levels. Drinking orange juice daily will increase the HDL level considerably over a month.

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    If you are overweight, you have more chances of higher bad cholesterol. It also reduces the HDL levels. So you need to take a balanced diet coupled with exercise to lose weight. For people with apple shaped bodies, it is very important to check your waist-hip ratio to determine if weight loss is needed.

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    Controlling refined sugar

    Sugar is the enemy. You need to carefully watch your sugar consumption. Try to decrease it to around 2-3 tablespoons per day. Use sugar sparingly in coffee and tea. Watch the sugar levels in the processed foods: anything ranging from cereals to salad dressings.

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