Information & Risks Regarding Self Harm

You are probably reading this because someone you know self harms or perhaps you do self harm towards yourself.

People who self harm usually do it as a way to cope with life either by burning themselves with matches or cutting themselves. It is usually small wounds in the beginning. People that self harm usually do it because they are punishing themselves or they hate their body.

They do it because they are avoiding something. Certain people use self harm as the only way to cope with life to just make it through the day.

People sometimes cover up the self harm wounds by wearing more clothes than usual. Some people don’t cover it up because inside they want to stop and hope that someone notices. In different cases some people who self harm they do it on one small wound area each time they do it so it isn’t very noticeable.

Self harm is very extreme deep self hatred of themselves within. The self harm wounds just get worse the longer it happens. It becomes almost like an addiction unless tthe situation gets under control by stopping it.

Some people stop doing self harm for months or stop for years once they realize that they were hurting themselves. They find a different method to cope with life. Self harm is a form of cruel self abuse and often don’t even realize it. It is sad.

It is quite difficult for people that don’t self harm to be able to comprehend why people who self harm do it. They usually don’t realize how much pain the people who self harm feels inside.

The best way for someone to stop the self harm is to get the proper help by talking to a professional in the mental health field. They first need to have the desire to want to stop harming themselves. People can find healthy methods to cope with life.

What are healthy things to do when you stop self harm?

Do something fun that you enjoy.

Go to the gym.

Do something that truly makes you happy.

Say Positive things about yourself everyday.

Go do something fun with a good friend.

By writing this article I hope that it will help make a good positive difference in a person’s life along with happiness. Thank You for taking the time to read this.

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