How to Install a Keyless Lock

Keyless locks are used to secure us and our belongings. Since it is quite difficult to break, a keyless lock installed on a door not only enables you to become fearless of being robbed. It also sets you free of securing the key all the time! So make your life trouble-free and get a keyless lock installed today. There are many varieties available in the market ranging from very costly keyless locks to the economical ones. These include the ones that use remote sensors, or the ones that work by recognizing fingerprints or secret codes. So depending upon the extent of security you require and the money you can spend, buy the one that is the best fit for you. For more information about how to install the keyless lock on your own, follow these guide lines.

Things Needed:

– Screw Driver
– Keyless Lock System


  • 1

    Pulling out the previously installed lock:

    With the help of a screw driver pull out the old lock from the door.

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    Measuring the keyelss lock to identify installation location:

    Now after pulling out the lock, the next step is to identify the exact location where you will install the keyless lock. So for this, first measure the lock to install in length width and height and then locate and mark the exact points where it will be installed. Also mark the spots where the screws will be installed.

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    Install the keyless lock by first fixing the rear part. With the help of a wire reach the base of the latch and attach the end of the wire with the internal portion of the lock. After attaching the wire, connect the plate with the door by fixing the mounting bolts. 

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    Powering it on:

    Finally insert batteries in the keyless lock to power it on.

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