How to Install a Wallpaper on your IPhone

If you are tired with the same old image on your iPhone then you need to get a new one. This will improve the look of your iPhone and will also make it more attractive. You simply need to get the wallpaper into your iPhone and then install it.


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    Find the wallpaper

    First of all you need to get wallpaper for your iPhone. You can get it by simply going to a free wallpaper website on the internet. Find the wallpaper you are looking for after searching on that website.

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    Save the wallpaper on your PC or Mac

    After seeking the right wallpaper, you need to download it on your PC or MAC. First save the wallpaper on your hard disk. You need to click ‘Save’ button which is most commonly located on the bottom or right side of the page.

    After clicking the ‘Save’ button, your image will be saved directly on your hard disk. In some cases, you will see a pop up message where you have to click save again.

    For PC users, you can save the file to ‘My Pictures’ or on the desktop which can be easily accessible.

    On the other hand, Mac users can save the wallpaper to a folder or in the iPhoto library.

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    Sync your iPhone

    Then synchronise your iPhone with your PC or Mac. You need to launch the iTunes and go to the Photos tab. After looking at the pop-up menu you need to choose Sync photos from.

    In case you are using PC then choose Photoshop Album, My Pictures folder or simply select the wallpaper file from the desktop.

    On the other hand if you are using Mac then choose iPhotos or your Pictures folder.

    After this, choose the selected folders or files you want to sync.

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    Set the wallpaper

    After bringing the wallpaper into your iPhone, you need to go to the photos application. Tap the Photos application and go into the album where your wallpaper is. After finding the wallpaper you want to set, select it.

    Tap the icon and select Use As Wallpaper. After this, tap on ‘Set Wallpaper’ and your desire wallpaper will be installed on your iPhone.

    In case you can’t see the icon then simply tap the picture and you will see a menu.

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