How to Install Google Market on Your Android Tablet

Android is one of the most famous and user friendly operating system for smart devices which include phones and tablets. There are a lot of features which you can use according to your needs and requirements in your Android-powered device. In addition, if you want to download and install something which is not in your default control, you can access the Google market to seek the necessary apps to fulfil your requirements. Mostly, the applications are free to download, but for some you have to pay a particular sum of money online in order to buy the using rights.

Generally, Google market comes along with default (built-in) features in your Android-powered tablet. However, sometimes you have to download it from the internet in order to search for apps on your device. If you are looking forward to install Google market on your tablet, you just have to follow a simple process which has been mentioned in the given steps.


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    First of all, you have to open your internet browser. Make sure that your internet connection is working. Go to the website and search for 'gappsinstaller.apk' file. When you find the file, tap on it and download it to your tablet.

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    Usually, the file will run itself after downloading. However, if it doesn't run itself, just open it to install it on your tablet. The method of installation differs and depends upon the model of your Android tablet. If you are using Archos 101, just open the 'Files' app from your device and tap the APK file icon. On the other hand, if you are using some other model, you can contact with your tablet’s manufacturer to get the particular instructions to install the app.

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    Now, tap 'Install Core Apps' when indicated on your screen. It will install Google Apps and Android market on your device. After the installation is completed, just reboot your tablet in order to finalise the process.

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