How to Stop iTunes from Syncing iPhones and iPods

When you connect your iPhone or iPod to your computer with the help of USB, the iTunes software automatically start syncing your data files with its library. It helps to keep your contacts, messages, music and videos updated. However, sometimes you may have to connect your device with any other computer which doesn’t have the library of your files. If you allow syncing your device with that computer, you may lose your own data files or get the data files which you don’t need (from the iTunes library of that computer). Therefore, you will have to stop the iTunes from syncing your device.


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    If you have connected your device with any other computer, for once only, just for the purpose of charging. You can cancel the syncing process manually from your iTunes by clicking the ‘Cancel’ button.

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    If you often require you apple device with any other PC to charge it and you don’t want to click the cancel button manually. You can activate the temporary stop syncing option by using the keywords
    ‘Command + Option’ keys for Mac or ‘Ctrl + Alt’ keys for PC. Remember, you have to press these keys immediately after connecting your device with the computer.

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    You can also make permanent changes to the iTunes settings so that it may not sync your device when you connect it with the PC. Just open your iTunes and go to ‘Edit’ menu option. Select your preferences. Now, select the Devices tab after which you will see some options on your screen. You have to check the ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically’ box. Then, click ‘OK’ to save your settings.

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    Now, you will have to sync your files manually to your device for which you have to choose your device from the left column. Then, go to Options and check ‘Manually manage songs and playlists’ box.

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    To sync your songs or playlists manually, you will have to drag and drop the files from iTunes Library to your device. If you intend to copy multiple files from your PC, you can select them by pressing Ctrl for PC or Command for Mac.

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