How to Install Kingsoft Office Apps to an Android Phone

There are three different ways to install Android apps and a number of methods to install Kingsoft Office Apps to an Android Phone simultaneously. First of all, you should be able to get and install Office directly through your cell phone. After that, you can transfer Office apps from your laptop or computer to your Android phone with the help of a USB cable. Finally, you have done the above steps download Android Office apps through a QR code. There are a lot of ways to install Kingsoft Office Apps to an Android Phone with good effect.


  • 1

    Visit the Kingsoft website

    Open the browser on your Android phone and go to Once you have opened the home page, you will come across the product known as Kingsoft Office for Android. Download this application by choosing ‘Get it now’ or you can also choose ‘learn more’ to go to the product page where you can download it as well. After that, start the download from any of the two pages. On the other hand, once the download is done it will ask you if you want to install the application or not. Press the 'Yes' button and it will get installed on its own.

  • 2

    Download office apps to your Android phone

    Install office apps to your cell phone to your laptop or computer. Sign in the maker’s official site and get this software downloaded on your cell phone. Then plug your Android phone to your laptop with the help of a USB cable. There you will see a pop up dialog box appear inquiring you how you want to connect the cell phone. Select ‘Connect as hardware’. This will take a couple of seconds and then your cell phone will be shown as hardware. Double click to open the cell phone and copy the installed app to the hard disk. This will allow you to move the app to your Android phone.

  • 3

    Use of QR code

    Your phone should be able to scan a QR code with its camera. This can be done by getting a certain app. You can search the internet to find this particular app and remember to mention your cell phone model. Also get the QR reader. Moreover, you can also go to the Android Market or Kingsoft official site and search the QR code for the office app. This QR reader will help you scan the code.

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