How to Jog With a Cockatoo

Jogging is probably the best way of staying fit and most professionals prefer it over other exercises. It has got plenty of benefits and everyone can do it without even spending a single penny. If you have put on some excess fat on your body, you may start going to a gym and work out with a professional trainer. You will definitely see an improvement in your overall fitness, but this process will cost you money. You will have to pay for the gym and the personal trainer as well, which might not be affordable for everyone.

Therefore, it is better going for a jog rather than spending hundreds of dollars on other exercises. Whether you are conscious of losing weight or not, you should do some running in order to keep your muscles strong. Most people believe that jogging is just for professionals, who have to build stamina. However, it is essential for each one of us, as it helps in fighting a lot of health problems.

Some people simply ignore jogging because they don’t have any partner. Although, it is not a good thing being dependent on others, yet one needs some sort of company in order to gain motivation. Married people don’t face this issue, as they can always go out for this exercise with their spouse. However, you will definitely feel lonely when there is no one around. Because of that, some people take their dogs alongside for a walk, but you can take some other pets like the Cockatoo with you.


  • 1

    Tame your bird

    The most important thing is to tame your bird. It should recognise you, so that it doesn’t fear being with you. Otherwise, whenever the bird gets an opportunity, it will fly away to save its life.

  • 2

    Make sure your bird follows you in the house

    Try making a connection with the Cockatoo, so that it follows you everywhere in the house. Feed it with your own hands and open the cage occasionally to see how it behaves. Once the bird starts trusting you, then you can take it out with you.

  • 3

    Trim the feathers

    Even if you feel that the Cockatoo will not leave you, make sure you cut down the feathers, so that it cannot fly away.

  • 4

    Keep the Cockatoo in a cage

    You can keep your bird in the cage and place it somewhere in the park, when you start jogging.

  • 5

    Leave it with other birds in the park

    If you trust your bird, leave it with other Cockatoos in the park and finish you running.

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