How to Run With a Dog on a Leash

Most dog owners will know that their pets require constant attention. This is because pets want to be around their owners at all times. However, pet owners also know that they need to get their pets to get ample exercise in order to prevent them from getting sick or getting obese.

Looking at dogs, we can come to the conclusion that going on walks and taking them for jogs is the best way to keep them in shape. However, in order to get the dog from not running wild, you need to keep it on a leash and make sure that it knows that you are in charge of the outing.


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    Check with vet

    The first thing you need to do is to consult a vet. This is to make sure that your dog doesn’t have any health issues and can easily go on jogs and walks with you. Some dogs tend not to be able to run for long periods of time, and for those dogs, vets recommend shorter walks instead.

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    Warm up

    Before you take your dog out on the actual run, make sure you let them warm up. You can do this by getting the dog to take short sprints in your backyard, this will loosen up its muscles and get it ready to go out and run along with you.

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    Build up pace gradually and keep an eye on your dog

    The next thing you need to do is build up pace on your runs over a period of time. Don’t start off by running at full strength, since your dog needs time to adjust to your pace.

    You also need to keep an eye out for your dogs fatigue levels. If it looks like he is tired take a break and let him catch his breath.

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    Carry water

    You need to keep yourself and your dog hydrated throughout the run. This is why you should carry ample water with you. Every time you catch your dog panting, you should stop and hydrate it so that it doesn’t pass out and can keep up with you.

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    Remember to keep a firm grip on the leash

    While running, you need to remember that you should always maintain a firm grip on the leash so that your dog can feel your authority throughout your run and trip.

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