How to Keep a Dell Axim in Working Condition

The Dell Axim family, a personal digital device, was one of the early Windows powered pocket mobile devices. It should be noted that the device was discontinued on April 9, 2007 after it failed to capture its intended market. The Axim X5, the first model of the series, was released in 2002. Plastic and glass make up most of the body of your Dell Axim Pocket PC. While neither of these two substances offers the device any real protection, some areas are vastly weaker than others. There are a number of easy steps you can take on a daily basis that will ensure that you keep your Dell Axim in working condition.


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    When using the Dell Axim, make sure that it is placed on a dry level surface. Protect your Axim from the various elements, including dust, liquids and extreme temperatures. Each of these natural elements can cause damage to your Axim’s screen, battery and hard drive. Grab the cords by the ends. Do not unplug a cord by pulling on it directly with too much force.

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    Avoid placing a great deal of pressure on your Dell Axim. This includes sitting and stepping on the device. Also, placing the device in your pants pocket is a bad idea, as your different leg movements and positions can place a lot of compressed tension on the Dell Axim.

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    Carry the Dell Axim in a purse, bag or briefcase. These storage containers allow you to carry the Dell Axim around with you while keeping it out of the compressed confines of your clothing. Transporting your Pocket PC in a bag or briefcase also limits your risk of dropping it.

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    Store your Dell Axim in a protective case. When you are not using your Dell Axim, make sure that it is closed and placed in a protective case. The case adds the first and last line of defence in the event of the Pocket PC falling into harm’s way.

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    Avoid dropping your Dell Axim. Any sort of impact or collision can cause severe damage to the device. Avoid situations where the Dell Axim might bang against a wall or hard surface.

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    Clean the Dell Axim regularly. This keeps the oily build up from getting inside the keyboard. Clean the screen and the outer casing of the Pocket PC with a soft moistened cloth. The cloth should not be made of paper products and should not be soaked with water.

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    Avoid abusing the stylus. Mind the amount of pressure you inflict with your stylus. They are only meant to absorb small amounts of pressure. While many different types of sticks may work as a stylus, they are not recommended. The screen is the most delicate part of the Dell Axim and should not be exposed to contact from foreign objects.

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