How to Stop Laptop Screen Flickering

A flickering laptop screen is pretty annoying, and could damage your eyesight to a great deal. It can also give you a severe headache. Continuous flickering doesn’t allow the user to concentrate and it can take its toll on the eyes as well.

In order to protect your eyes and machine, you need to fix this issue as soon as possible. There is no need to hire a specialist to repair the screen. Usually, such problems occur due to the inappropriate display settings.

Therefore, you must quickly change the settings. A few simple, plus easy moves are enough to tackle the issue. The procedure is not time consuming, and will cost you no money.


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    First of all, make sure the charger is properly attached to the laptop. There may be a problem in the front pin of the charger, due to which it does not stay connected all the time. Change the battery charger, if there is any issue.

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    If the charger is not the issue, you need to work on the settings. Vertical fresh rate could be the main reason behind this mess. Therefore, you must quickly modify the vertical refresh rate.

    For this, go to ‘Display Properties’ by right-clicking anywhere on the Windows desktop. After selecting the ‘Settings’ tab, click on the ‘Advanced’ option that is at the bottom of the window.

    Once the ‘Advanced’ option is opened, look for the ‘Monitor’ tab. A drop-down menu will appear in front of you. Since, the lower settings may cause flickering, the best option is to choose a value around 75 hertz or higher.

    Push the ‘Apply’ button to let the new settings take effect. After applying the settings, reboot your machine.

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    Sometimes, a problem with the graphics card may cause nonstop flickering. Upgrade the video driver after checking the model specification of the graphics card.

    You may find the latest version of the driver on the manufacturer’s website. The site itself will provide the relevant instructions about the update.

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    If the source of the problem is not the computer, then you need to focus on your surroundings. Sometimes your mobile phone is near the computer and its constant outgoing and incoming signals cause interference, hence the screen starts to flicker.

    Items such as PC speakers, TV, motorized appliances and defective fluorescent lamps must not be placed near the laptop.

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    Ensure a perfect power plug. If the plug is producing any electric spark, move it to the new board.

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