How to Keep From Going Bald

The best look for us is the one that nature has given. All our physical features are ideal and any unnatural change generally ends up looking bad. There are certain health related issues, however, that naturally change our looks as we grow older.

One of these changes is hair loss and the look of a person changes dramatically over time as one goes bald. It’s an issue faced by hundreds of millions of men all over the world. It is partly hereditary and if your ancestors were bald, you are at a greater risk than others. There now are remedies such as hair grafting and special permanent wigs but they are either expensive and painful or just not that natural looking.

The best way to go is stop yourself from going bald in the first place. This may sound a touch harsh but it is certainly not entirely impossible.


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    Drink Lots of Water

    Drinking water keeps the skin in a good condition and you body cleansed. It will also help you drop those unhealthy sodas that actually contribute to hair loss due to too much CO2 in your system. Hair fall is also associated with improper digestion from the colon walls and that can also be improved with water. Do add fibre to your diet so that your bowel movement is regulated.

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    Improve Circulation

    Improving blood circulation to your head is crucial. If the blood circulation is well, you will not be having a lot of hair loss issues. Make sure that when you shampoo, you massage your scalp. It is also not a bad idea to hang your head down for a few minutes every now and again so that the blood flow to the head improves. Doing a headstand for a few minutes a day, if you are able to, certainly will add to the blood flow.

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    Keep Your Scalp Clean

    A lot of baldness is caused by dandruff, the best way of keeping it away is to wash your hair regularly and keep it as clean as possible. With fewer flakes in your head and little dandruff, your hair has a better chance to stay.

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    Make sure that you have the essential nutrients in your diet. Nuts have some very good oils in them that are great for your hair and health in general. Have some nuts such as walnuts, pecans and almonds everyday and you should have healthy hair. Make sure that you take the dosage of necessary vitamins as well.

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